7 Things to do with kids in Dubai🌃

Dubai is a beautiful city. The Architecture, infrastructure and general modernism of things is worth breathing in. It’s also a city of lights, night life and adventure. Does that mean you shouldn’t plan a trip to Dubai with kids? No! You should. Here I talk about all you can do in Dubai that’s kid friendly and super duper fun.

Before I start listing down places,

-I should tell you that most of these entertainments have a heavy ticket. To make it more economical, there is an Entertainer App available for dubai, it’s for 500 AEd but has a one on one deal for almost everything including eateries.

– Make a metro card for everyone above 5 years, it works for metros, buses, general parks, Abra rides, parking etc.

– Check the weather before planning a trip, try visiting between Oct- March.

1- Ski Dubai

An artificial ice park that’s one of its kids.

Location: Mall if the Emirates

Tickets: 275 +

Travel Mode: Dubai Metro to MOE station.

Time : 2-3 hours

Image: google

2- Emirates Zoo

One of the best zoos UAE has to offer, it has a large variety of species kept in their natural habitat.

Location: Al Ain

Tickets: 35

Travel Mode: Taxi/Uber

Time 3-4 hours

3- Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium is a great under water experience with different kind of fish and sea animals. It also features a small zoo, with panda, penguins and many other animals.

Location : Dubai Mall

Tickets: 75 +

Travel Mode: Metro to Dubai Mall /Burj Khalifa Station

Time : 2 hours

Image: Google

4- Burj Khalifa and the dancing fountain

This can only be seen after 6 pm every half an hour till 11 pm. A beautiful dancing water fountain show with music. Along with it the Burj Khalifa also lights up and it is worth the watch. It’s also quiet a happening place with crowd always collected waiting for the fountains to start.

Ticket: Free

Location: Dubai Mall

Travel Mode: Metro to Dubai Mall/ Burj Khalifa

Time: 30 mins

5-JBR-The Beach:

Dubai beaches are very beautiful and The beach is full of fun activities along the shore like play area and jumping castles and fully equipped with washroom and shower areas. There are many eateries along the shore and it’s a complete experience for the whole family. Sunsets at The beach are the best.

Ticket: Free

Location: JBR

Travel Mode: Metro to Marina station and then a tram from there.

Time: 5-6 hours

6-Louvre Museum

Located in Abu Dhabi, Louvre is a must go place. Beautiful architecture and great artifacts. It’s not exactly a children’s museum but it’s very children friendly. On the basement level there are workshops and exhibits for children as well.

Ticket: 60 AED

Location: Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi

Travel Mode: Taxi/ Uber

Time 6-8 hours

7-LEGO Land

LEGO land is one of three parks at Dubai Parks and Resort and is a great theme park for children. The rides are kid safe and the whole park is made keeping a child in mind.

Ticket : 180+

Location: Dubai Parks and Resorts

Travel Mode: taxi after Ibne Butata station from Metro.

Time 4-6 hour

Image: Google

Other than this you can check out the Global Village, Abra Rides, Hop on Hop off buses, Dubai Canal, City Walk, Dubai Festival City Mall, Kidzania, The little explorers among many other things. Enjoy your stay!


The Clean Up Saga 🤫

It’s a normal evening, the kids have thrown all available toys 🚘🚛🛴🎳🎮 lego, books 📚 and random furniture around the house. Bee is done with his homework and they are not allowed any screen time 📵. Which means- they are having the famous torture-the-mom-time.🤦🏻‍♀️

The landline rings ☎️ – it’s hubby, “I will be home in 35 mins” 💣💣💣

Short and quick. It has been a request of mine, since he’s a clean freak and I have two boys 👩‍👦‍👦, he has a habit of giving me time to clean up the mess before he’s home. 🏡


I announce 🗣.

Like a chain reaction, Bee pulls out the vacuum, Teddy starts fixing pipes and picking up small toys cars 🚗🚘 , Bee collects the LEGO ⛓and puts back in the respective boxes. I assemble pieces of furniture🛠 and put them together.

Meanwhile the vacuum is all ready and plugged in for momma to clean up. The boys then go for a bath🛁, splash a little while I put some finishing touches to the home and enter the kitchen🍴.

Only ten mins to go, I give tarka, whip up a salad 🥗 , get the kids out of the bath 🛀 , apply lotion and night suits, and they sit nicely on the sofa 🛋. Tv on and Edu kids playing on YouTube. I quickly change out of pajamas 👗 , put on some jewelry and some perfume 💄.Pick up a reading book 📖 make my evening tea ☕️ and sit on the rocking chair, while occasionally folding a few clothes on my lap.

35 mins over and ALL SET. 💁🏻‍♀️

The phone bell rings again, ” Hey hun, was about to leave when the IRM faltered and I have to reboot the synergy server. You and the kids , have food, ok? ”






Its 10 pm 🕙, in trying to feed both of them, Teddy had spilled soup 🍜 on his night dress and then fallen asleep on the sofa, after throwing all the toys from the toy basket on the rug. Me and Bee have retired on my bed 🛏, while I idle away on the phone 📱.

Hubby enters, looks around, calls me. I tell him I’m in the bedroom, he comes in smiles and say,

“What a mess the house is in. Kids were really rowdy today, no? ”



My Ramadan Story 🌙

Ramadan has been the most looked forward month of my life since I remember it 🌟. Belonging from the Bohra community, it fills up your days☀️ and your nights 🌝 so much that you are all consumed. This month is so busy that most of the time you are just catching up, and so fulfilling.

Since before I was big enough to pray or fast, each day an hour before Maghreb, we were dressed up and taken to the Masjid 🕌 With my own small Janamaz , a bag with some water, some fried snacks 🥟and a tazbeeh. We were made to sit with my cousins and other small children under 12. Our time was spent chatting and laughing while taking care not to spoil our clean clothes, waiting patiently for the “Allah o Akbar” of the Maghreb azaan🔊. With the strong belief that there should be no talking during the azaan,  silence fell in the children’s block. Once namaz started we pretended to pray, those who were still young enough to not know how to.

The real tradition began as soon as the Maghreb namaz finished. We solmenly opened our iftar boxes🍗 and passed around the fried kebabs while all the time tasting other peoples goodies🍡. Till it lasted. Every tiny morsel was consumed, the nice ones praised, the spicy ones critiqued. If you were looking for new friendships- now was the time, you got up from your place and offered your choicest kebab. Aage Allah ki marzi.

Chai ☕️ was served immediately afterwards, young boys who volunteered filled the halls, with the sounds of “beethi jao” (sit down in gujrati) since the tea was hot. It was the start to my long lasting love for masjid ki chai- slow cooked on a daigh. Once you gulped it down, it was almost time for Isha namaz and the moment it ended we would run out🏃🏻‍♀️ of the Masjid complex to the Jamaat khana (the community hall) where we sat in circles and waited for our moms.

While the moms prayed away, we played “Miss mary”, “I sent a letter” and “cham cham” amongst many other games passed on to us by older cousins who now had joined our moms for adult praying.

Dinner was a thaal ( a big round tray around which 8 people sit) full of yummy food, starting out with a halwa or a custard, followed by a baked savoury, naan gosht and biryani, soup and salad 🥗 . Once done, we washed our hands and walked back home. Hand in hand with our friends, excited to meet the next day.

All 30 days were filled with the same chitter chatter, traditions and Allah o Akbar till Eid arrived🎆. As I grew up, namaz times became a bit more solemn, chatter pre-namaz reduced due to parched tongues but the excitement and vigor was the same, till this day.

Things have changed a lot, now I have two kids 👶 to dress up before we leave, pack their bags with chips, water, coloring books & some toys. I have to make sure I look like an adult, all crisp and poised. And spend the chatter time reciting Quran. I miss my sisters and my cousins who were an integral part of my childhood Ramadan, but I have made some friends and we enjoy having adult discussions while the children tug at us.

That is what the blessed month embodies for me, Rozah, Namaz, Quran, Duas, meeting friends, giving out gifts and the lovely food in our community halls. I’m so grateful for all of it.

What is your #ramadanstory share it, lets know more about each other and spread love and tolerance this Ramadan.

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Do you love children? I do. I have two 👩‍👦‍👦and I love them immensely. All my friends are my age group, and we meet a lot of children “daily”. YES. And I think they are super cute and funny and fantastic, they are from the age when you could poop 💩 in public and not feel a thing. That is a good mindset to be in. Self love? 💖Learn from them.

But I can’t help attacking them humourously, the pea size brain in there is a difficult object to not make fun of. Children can do anything, as long as they are told not to. Seriously, that’s how I talk to my toddler,

“No one will get out of the lift”

“No one gets inside the house”,

“No one is allowed to eat”.. ……. you get it. 🙈

Ever seen a child going to school? You can’t make him wear his shoes and hurry out 🚶🏻‍♂️even if a raging dinosaur 🦕 is running at him-who is a carnivore-and HUNGRY!!!!!Nope, he will sit there, shoes in one hand, car in the other, day dreaming. 💭

Ever tried attending a seminar? Where the person on stage 🕴🏻talks and everyone else hears? Try explaining that to a child, the quiet, listening adults are the perfect atmosphere for a distorted version of “Gangnam Style”, toddler style! 🎼 🎶

Oh and school interviews! Where he is suppose to adorably chant his “I love you, you love me”, there they are so cute and shy, 👼🏻 getting buried into their mothers and not wanting to talk or move at all- even an inch- FOR A WHOLE HOUR. 🙄

Like we need a license to drive, there should be one to walk in public places as well. These little humans are bumping into you all the time making the whole exercise more like a dodging car alley🤸🏻‍♂️, dodging children Han?⛷

Who sleeps on the way to a birthday party? 😴Children. Who are wide eyed in bed, at 12 am, in the dark, with parents on both sides- pretending to be asleep? 👻Children.

I could go on, but the little one who I thought was painting, is actually snoring, time to catch up some ZzzzZzzzzz

Thisis a joke, add your own jokes!🎭


Less is more (so said the husband)

“My husband is a minimalist”

“Hain matlab? Kanjos hai” is what you will ask. No I repeat, he’s a minimalist.

“Acha hai tou acha pheno” is a phrase repeated to us through generations . Over the years we clearly stopped understanding the “quality” and certainly “quantity” behind that meaningful quote.

I had an arranged marriage, we use to meet and all, but living together opened monsters 👻 in the closets for both the parties ( literally). I realized he hates possessing things more than minimum necessary, which means doing laundry daily 🤮. While he stumbled upon (quite literally) the fact that my closet is a tsunami ready to happen at the minimum signs of opening up 💨

Over the years, whenever we travelled, I realized how simple his packing and unpacking is. And mine was a huge chaos of choosing what to take, what to leave behind. A huge mess packing up, a bigger mess unpacking. 💼

In our first year of marriage we planned a 5 day trip to Istanbul, and like all newly weds I was stuffing my bag with all things I need, may need, may may need, spare 1, if spare 1 fails, spare 2…. when I was clearly told by my very frank-let’s-keep-romance-aside husband that “I could only use 10 kgs of my allotted 30 kgs”.

BUT WHY!!!!!I ask flustered, I absolutely totally need these things ..🙄 😧

“I have to carry that weight, pack light or pick your bag yourself” he said practically 😵😡 I was so mad at him, but the prospect of picking a 30 kg bag for however short period was terrifying. Like a true drama queen I started skimming through what I could lose, the face lotion, hand lotion or the foot lotion, the heels, my sneakers or the chapel, the yellow, blue, pink, orange bag the many jeans, the tops 👜🎒👛👗👚👖👠👢👡🧦👒🕶🧤

I was in tears, 😭 crying through my unpacking and calling my husband all sorts of wicked things in my head. Considered telling him I won’t be going with him and he could “THROW AWAY” my ticket! But the idea of missing out looking at Hagai Sophia made me pack under 10 kgs 🤷🏻‍♀️

Everyday in the morning, I use to remind him “how much nicer” I would look if I had brought this/that and he smiled and said I looked very pretty anyways. But the truth was 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

I DIN’T MISS A THING! 😮 What I had was just perfect and enough, and I was so liberated in that hotel room. I felt a sense of freedom, the lack of baggage, the lightness, I got addicted to it.

Though I dint transform in a day, far from it. It was the beginning of my journey. We moved to Dubai and chose a small house, so;

1- Less storage means we never buy without thinking what we will throw away

2- Even with two children our spread is minimal.

3- It takes under two hours to pack for a family of four.

And we travel very light but I have much better muscles 💪🏻 and can pick up by bag myself, thank you very much.

How did you or your spouse change over the years to accommodate each other and ended up discovering something you love?

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From a mother of a toddler

I’m sorry

When I step out of my home I am sorry the little human with me isn’t walking straight,

Im sorry he’s laughing too loud, Talking when it’s quiet, jumping for no reason.

Sometimes I’m doing grocery, he’s throwing apples, I’m sorry I say and keep picking them up.

I’m on the road trying to cross and he sits down, while whispering sorry to the car waiting patiently, I drag him across.

This Aunty called, she wants me to come home and spend the day, I’m sorry I say.

My child is boisterous and your quiet home will be disturbed, your mats misplaced, things in your way;

I still go because she insisted, running behind him all the time, saving the showpiece, my tea gulped down.

Once a lady screamed at me, “Can’t you see he’s spilling food”, he’s two I said, he’s trying to eat. I had tears in my eyes, I found it so rude.

I’m sorry, I said. I won’t keep controlling him for being childish, being a bit loud, too dirty, too stray.

I won’t apologize, I’m sorry.

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Letter to a younger me

Dear 18 year old,

Beauty doesn’t define you. At such a glorious age you define the word beauty. Of different kinds, different shades, height, smiles. Love your long hair, they won’t stay for long. People will talk about them to you and you would wish you valued them. Take care of that healthy body, one day you will be worrying about losing the flab.

You were never lonely, you had your parents, your sisters all around you, going about their day. A day will come you won’t see these people for months, cherish them now. Look at them, talk to them, they are your best friends now and in the future years.

Popularity doesn’t define you, you were unique and different, people never thought of you as an odd ball, they thought you were reserved. One day with your subtely acquired social skills your halls will be full of people, your days spent making party plans, your nights laughing away with friends.

Dear younger self, you worked hard and seldom scored, you thought it wasn’t your “thing”, you are doing ok today, ten years down the line, you survived just fine, and grades dint matter a bit.

People are mean not because of how you are, but because of how they are. They are sad and lonely and a bit nosy also, and hate people who go about their own lives. Do not be deterred by them, they are much more miserable then they are trying to make you feel.

People come and go, but the real important ones, always stick, don’t hold too tight, don’t get jittery, life will go on. One day you will make incredible human beings who will love you nonetheless and that will make everything perfect. They will get stuck to your feet and tug at your heart.

You are a good, kind hearted, solid girl, with the right dreams and the right heart, you will survive as long as you stay optimistic and trust your instincts.

I know how you looked at yourself at 32, a smart executive, with a branded suit and a handsome prince. Well things aren’t like that at all, but you know what ? They are good, and happy, unpredictable. But what all the years will teach you, is not how to make the imperfect perfect, but to move ahead with it and find your peace. In your relationships, career, in God’s handiwork and how beautiful it all is.

Most of all, when I look back, I feel proud of you, I could never do a better 18 year old!

Yours truly,

32 year old.